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Stophere offers you Ethnic Wear starting from Rs. Shop for Kurti, Leggings and more. Click to view this offer. Shop now. Stophere offer you Western Wear starting from Rs.

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Shop for Stole, Leggings, Palazzo and more. Click to avail this offer. Limited period offer. Happy Shopping!!!! Stophere offer you Wooden Products starting from Rs. Stophere is a one stop online sore that provides some great products for our daily requirements. They make sure their products are durable and reasonably priced decisions that are made based on a detailed market study! Their products go through rigorous checks by experts before they reach the consumer.

It is an Indian handicraft and gift portal to cater to the Indian market and make Indian products available to the global community. Some of their best work is from Rajasthan, Himachal, Gujarat, and UP made exquisitely for your taste. Their products include Rajasthani Mojari, hand bags purses, electronics, and other handicraft items. Their Delhi bazaar includes electronics, home and living items and kitchen ware. While the Jaipur bazaar has bangles, Jaipuri bedsheets, handbags, jewellery, and razai.

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This exclusive collection from Delhi and Jaipur is made available at your doorstep through Stophere. Their collection of brass products includes some antique hand carved classes, good luck turtles, brass plates and more! The blue pottery includes some vase and plates with intricate designs that you will fall in love with. There is an entire section on their store dedicated to Rajasthani Mojaris for both men and women.

These are available in some beautiful vibrant colors and in different shapes and designs. You can shop for them by price too. There are products for both men and women. Details: Hurry and save today! Details: Get yourself some savings! Details: Get ready to save! See More Offers.

Start Shopping at StopStaringClothing. From George Loves Free U. Add a Stop Staring Coupon Found a great deal or code? Share the savings! Get Started. See: Advertiser Disclosure. My daughter has dyslexia. All I do is try to come at it from my own personal experience. You may wanna look into this or that book.

Because of the multi-sensory approach of Math-U-See , they can still be successful. Even if it feels like a struggle, it is nothing compared to the frustration they would experience with a traditional spiral approach. Linda: The most fulfilling part is making a difference for our customers. I love it when a customer tells me they are so glad they called. Sandra: A family had received an incomplete order, and I was trying to get through to them to correct it. But it was some time before they called in again.

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I gave her a scripture in an email, and said a few things. Patti, Sandra, Mary, Sindy, Amanda, and Linda explain how to deal with word problems , and give some asked-for advice on how to deal with homeschooling.

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The point of Math-U-See is learning word problems and understanding how to apply that to real-life situations. I found a great series of books called Verbal Math Lessons [by Charan Langton and Michael Levin] that dovetails well with different levels of our curriculum. I recommend these to anyone who is struggling with word problems.

Linda : When we get to a word problem, we need to change our expectations. That might happen, but generally not. Draw a picture. Act it out. Whatever you need to do to make it concrete. Patti: Read it through first. The front of the manual is also about word problems. For some parents, the way they learned math was really hard.

Patti: In the back of their instruction manual is a list of where each topic is located within the entire curriculum, not just that level. And you have to use all the parts: You need the instruction manual. You need the DVD. Not just one or the other; it takes everything. It takes the manipulatives. Sindy: It all comes together. Build a lifelong learner. I was like, great!

There was one time when we went to the grocery store, and there were games where you could win a goldfish. We got a goldfish.

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They were all about goldfish that week. We learned all about goldfish. We had to get new containers and the whole nine yards. And two, I just encourage them. Linda: We do a lot of work with special needs students. We have all kinds of helps for all kinds of students!

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There are some pretty cool-wired brains out there. And we are thrilled to let them know that we have just the curriculum they can succeed with! Because of your positive response to our last post about what our Customer Service representatives think about their work, we present Part 2. Amanda: I was your average student, As, Bs, never had to study terribly hard, even though I struggled at times with tests.

When I went to college to become a teacher I was 41 when I went to college , it was a surprise to my mom, because I hated school. I was shy, and I put it all into studying. I love people. I love to encourage them. Linda: I loved school. I played hard and worked hard and as much as possible I wanted to do everything right. I do have a happy life. When I take the time to count my blessings, I just realize it more and more.

When we all get together at Christmas or numerous times throughout the year … I think, oh wow. This is wonderful. Our kids and grandkids, they love each other, get along so well, and love to be together! I oftentimes credit homeschooling for that closeness. Amanda: The James discount we have. There have been times when I have personally connected with parents who have been widowed, men or women.

I lost my first husband when I was 24, and had two small girls. I felt like my world was upside-down. And two, we offer a discount. They are so thankful, so blessed. Patti: Just talking to regular moms. And letting them talk. Linda: I wish I could see them in person, but I try to reach out over the phone. We will do everything we can to help their students be successful in both those areas. However, that call opens up other doors, as well.

We also help equip parents to have stamina, to encourage them.. They can go back to teaching, and move forward in a whole new light.

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